High-Velocity Rainwater Filter (HVRF)

High-Velocity Rainwater Filter (HVRF)

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Our high-velocity rainwater filter is designed to meet the most stringent requirements of maximising the collection of filtered rainwater and used most widely for tropical storm areas. It is usually paired up with siphonic rainwater downpipes where the typical velocity exceeds more than 1.5m/sec.

As the rainwater travels in high speed, it is crucial to use the right filtration system to ensure maximum efficiency. The efficiency of the collection can reached up to 90% as tested by the National Hydraulic Institute of Malaysia (NAHRIM) as illustrated below :-



Listed as one of the wettest country in the world, Malaysia’s torrential rainfall Average Recurrence Interval (ARI) of 100 years could reached up to 400mm per hour. Despite these challenges, Torrent™ High-Velocity Rainwater Filter has a list of proven track record in many renowned projects in Malaysia.

Torrent™ HVRF comes with various inlet sizes, ranging from 160mm, 200mm, 250mm and 315mm. For larger sizes, please contact us for more information.

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Currently we are moving towards a going green whereby everything are being recycled with the environment in mind. Water filtration plays a big part in this roll in helping us to recycle rain water, grey water and etc. Even in the case where we reduce the reliance on purchasing bottled water, it can potentially cut down a lot of plastic waste which are very harmful for the environment. The usage of an indoor water filtration can help to encourage users carrying their own water bottle and thus cutting down on plastic bottle waste. In order for us to achieve a friendly environment, these are the 2 types of water filtration which is commercial and residential water treatment system

We at Myhomepalm is a one stop solution service provider as we provide both commercial and residential water treatment systems. With our well trained and professional sales and technical team, we are able to provide the best solution for your needs.

The usage of a commercial water treatment system is to improve the safety and aesthetics of water intended to be used for basic cleaning, recreational function or bathing. In modern times, they are also widely used in most industries and commercial function. The history of water filtration is closely linked with the broader history of improvements in public health. Commercial water treatment system is also a vital part in the design of a robust Rain Water Filtration system for a larger scale development. There are many types of commercial water filters in the market such as media filters, screen filters, disk filters, slow sand filter beds, rapid sand filters, cloth filters, and microbiological filters. Most of the treatment systems comes with a necessary backwash function. Backwashing is a form of preventive maintenance so that the filter media can be reused. In water treatment plants, there are 2 types of backwash system which is automated or manual. Automated backwash function is run by local programmable logic controllers (PLCs) else it could be done manually by flushing out the water in reverse direction. MyHomePalm commercial water treatment system comes in a total packaged solution whereby it’s easy to install, ease of maintenance and operation. We provide reliable solutions and quality product which are certified by international standards such as NSF and WQA.


Trustable Rainwater & Grey Water Harvesting System In Malaysia

For the last 4000 years, rain water collection has been widely used around the world. Even though we live in a fairly wet country with 990 cubic m³ of rain water annually, let’s not forget we went through one of the toughest drought in the Year 1998. From time to time, Malaysia has come across water shortages and things have yet to reach a critical stage where people have no choice but to rely on rain water as their source. Racing towards curbing the environmental issues facing today’s world, our government and many private institutions are jointly doing their part in creating a sustainable living environment that can best ensure a better future for our next generation. Amongst all the ‘green’ initiatives, Rain Water Harvesting is one of them. Under the banner of Myhomepalm Integrated Sdn Bhd, Graf Water (Germany), Pentair Water (USA), GE Water & Process Technologies (General Electric) and Rain Harvesting (Australia) Pty Ltd have come together with a complete solution in Rain Water Harvesting suitable for factories, commercial buildings and residential. Common problems are addressed with this system, such as Pest (especially mosquitoes breeding), leaves blocking, water contamination, acidity level and alternative water switching. The components used are mostly energy efficient and approved by the stringent requirements of international standards. We pride ourselves in providing full fledge services that includes technical calculation of efficiency, design of system, procurement and commissioning of projects. Myhomepalm Integrated is currently working with various housing developers in the implementation of Rain Water Harvesting system.

Stormwater Management In Malaysia

Stormwater is the water draining off a site from the rain that falls on the roof and land, and everything it carries with it. The soil, organic matter, litter, fertilisers from gardens and oil residues from driveways it carries can pollute downstream waterways. Rainwater refers only to the rain that falls on the roof, which is usually cleaner and so rainwater filtration system is very important. However, stormwater can be a valuable resources. Reusing stormwater can save potable water and reduce downstream environmental impacts. Poorly managed stormwater management can cause problems on and off site through erosion and the transportation of nutrients, chemical pollutants, litter and sediments to our waterways. Well-managed stormwater can replace imported water for uses where high quality water is not required, such as garden watering. There are many products available in the market for stormwater filtration system such like gross pollutant trap, oil grease trap, hydrodynamic advanced vortex separator etc. By installing a proper stormwater filtration system, it helps to prevent clogging of the drain which causes flooding. As more and more developments are taking place around us, the congestion of the constructions debris and silts are flowing to the drain causing flash flood in most of the major cities around the world. Despite the continuous development and expansion of our drainage system in the country, we believe the problem should be rectified and prevented at the source.

Stormwater management in Malaysia is essentially about flood mitigation by managing the surface run off during heavy downpour. It can also be applied in rural areas (to harvest precipitation water), but is essential in urban areas where run-off cannot infiltrate because the surfaces are impermeable. Traditional storm water management was mainly to drain high peak flows away. Unfortunately, this only dislocates high water loads and causing flash floods in urban areas. Modern approaches aim to rebuild the natural water cycle, example to store runoff water (retention basins) for a certain time, to recharge ground water (infiltration basins) and to use the collected water for landscape irrigation or daily cleaning. A rainwater filtration system is usually put in place before the water is channelled into the storm water storage tanks with the purpose of preventing gross pollutant debris from entering these underground storm water tanks.

We at Myhomepalm are able to provide stormwater management solution in Malaysia. With our trained consultants and engineers, we can design the storm water management system to suit our customer needs.

Wastewater treatment is the process of converting wastewater such as human waste, food scraps, oils, soaps and chemicals. In residential development, this includes water from sinks, showers, bathtubs, toilets, washing machines and dishwashers which is full of contaminants including bacteria, chemicals and other toxins. Its treatment aims at reducing the contaminants to acceptable levels to make the water safe for discharge back into the environment. Why Treat Wastewater? It's a matter of caring for our environment and for our own health. There are a lot of good reasons why keeping our water clean in an important priority: Clean water is critical to plants and animals that live in water. This is important to the fishing industry, sport fishing enthusiasts, and future generations. If it is not properly cleaned, water can carry disease. Since we live, work and play so close to water, harmful bacteria have to be removed to make water safe. One of the system carried by Myhomepalm is the Graf’s Wastewater Treatment System using the Modular Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR systems) where it is able to meet the high guideline standards set by the authorities in the country for the effluent level. As it is a modular design, it is usually more suitable for island development projects whereby the designers are able to tackle the issues of hilly terrain and the operators can ensure the effluent discharge is able to meet the required standards as well as preserving the pristine water condition around the island for years to come. Therefore at myhomepalm, we strongly recommend wastewater treatment system with sequencing batch reactors technology (SBR System) as it uses a separate pre-treatment section to mechanically hold back solids and biological aeration and settling tank and the cleaning performance could up to 98%.

Water is essential to life, for both plants and all living creatures; however, it can be very invasive when it flows. When residential property experiences drainage issues, water can be a nuisance and actually cause a great deal of damage. Different drainage problems, including puddling, pooling, saturated soil, and even undirected downspout water, can destroy landscaping and turn a backyard into a swamp. It creates moisture and mold problems and can damage home foundations; drainage is a serious concern when there is a problem. Therefore drainage systems must be improved or installed else it will end up dealing with worsening problems as time goes on. At MyHomePalm, we provide a huge range of drainage solution for multiple usage such as french drain, channel & trench drains, catch basins, dry well, grates & emitters. The materials of these products are made with plastics it's also easy to install therefore it reduces man hour and lower down overall cost.

Irrigation products are designed for outdoor watering and are commonly used in farms, commercial greenhouses, and residential gardeners. Traditional irrigation method was differentiating by normal irrigation (garden hose with valve box and quick-coupling valve (QCV), and Sprinkler Irrigation. Dripline Irrigation System significantly reduce the amount of water needed to maintain a healthy landscape as drip irrigation system uses 70% less water than sprayheads. Most of our products feature patented installation designs that allows tool free installation where in most cases it ease and save cost of installation. This system runs on minimal working pressures (15psi) which most of the site does not require a pressure pump to operate. Our system comes in 1000 foot run and our HDPE pipe come with emitters. Traditional irrigation is not environmentally friendly because it’s a waste of water and requires lots of maintenance and man power.


Sparkling-clean pool and spa water invites a healthy, active lifestyle. The solutions filter, clean and sanitize water, while automation equipment makes it all easy. Our monitoring and accessory products tie it all together.

Range are from budget and quality aspect of our products provided to meet all our customer's requirements. We provide full set of equipments and tools from building the pool to maintaining the pool at it's best condition