Rainwater harvesting tanks in malaysia comes in several sizes, shapes and colour. Depending on the design criteria, the selection of a material for the underground rainwater storage tanks and its design reliability are the most critical part to ensure the safety and stability are not being compromised. As rainwater tends to dry up during drought season, leaving the underground storage tank empty, the soil pressure could easily damage the structure integrity of these tanks. In some cases, when the underground rainwater storage tank is badly damaged, it could lead to the possibility of the ground sinking in. The GRAF Carat S underground tank is unlike any other underground tank in the world. It is the largest tank of its kind to be manufactured by injection compression moulding. This technique provides the tank with unbeatable stability and ensures that each component is produced with the highest of accuracy. Unlike other underground tanks, the wall thickness is equal in all areas of the tank. The production tolerances are kept to a minimum, resulting in a product of the highest quality, which is strong, accurate, reliable and extremely user-friendly. To manufacture the Carat S range, one of the world largest injection moulding systems had to be developed. At Myhomepalm, we carry GRAF Carat Underground Tanks as it’s the largest rainwater harvesting tanks of its kind to be manufactured by injection compression moulding in Malaysia. It comes with a build in filter and a self-cleaning technology so that users can maintain it by its own.