The severe drought that our country is facing this year has made us more aware of the importance of water. Living in a tropical country does not necessarily mean that we have unlimited amount of water and start taking things for granted. Though it is said that we are paying one of the lowest water tariff in the region, but when the sky is not raining, no amount of money can ease our woes. While many are having thoughts of going-green or finding alternative ways to conserve water, the notion of rainwater harvesting is nothing new.

For the last 5 years or more, our local authorities have been implementing by-laws to promote the conservation of water through rainwater harvesting (RWH). However, one of the biggest challenges in the implementation of the RWH is the selection of a suitable Rainwater Tank. Since a Rainwater Tank is not usually something small as it is designed to store sufficient water, it is definitely not an easy task to find a piece that is aesthetically pleasing and yet functional.

Most people would opt to have their rainwater tank placed at higher ground, such as the air-condition ledge or someplace securely hidden from the sight of the house because most of the common tanks available in the market are not visually attractive. In some circumstances when the Rainwater Filter or the tank requires servicing, the location where the RWH system is placed may be cumbersome for user to conduct any simple D-I-Y maintenance. Although most manufacturers may claim that their components used are zero-maintenance, it is inevitable that simple cleaning may be required from time to time to ensure the efficiency of the water collection.

Introducing the new range of Rainwater Tanks from Myhomepalm, these beautifully crafted to perfection Rainwater Tanks are made from polyethylene (PE) material. Because of the high quality finishing, you can never really tell it is made from plastic. The tanks are UV-stable and can withstand extreme temperature which comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years. Some of our tanks are integrated with a planter’s cup so it can be placed anywhere around the exterior of the house looking just like a vase on where it should be.

A carefully thought of convenient location of the RWH System is important to ease any D-I-Y monitoring or basic cleaning. Our range of Stylish Rainwater Tanks can be placed on the balcony with the watering pipe distributed to the garden taps via gravity or on the ground floor. There are many varieties and colours available, be it a Mediterranean, Classic, Modern or Tropical design to suit your home.

: Download Technical Specification in PDF