Surface Drainage System – Drainage Solutions

Water is essential to life, for both plants and all living creatures; however, it can be very invasive when it flows. When residential property experiences drainage issues, water can be a nuisance and actually cause a great deal of damage. During rain or irrigation, the fields become wet, the water might infiltrate into the soil and stored in its pores, and when all the pores are filled with water, the soil is said to be saturated and no more water can be further absorbed. With the continuous water from rain or irrigation, it causes pool of water to form in the area, and worst it may even caused flood. Therefore, drainage systems must be improved or installed else it will end up dealing with worsening problems as time goes on.



Surface drainage is the diversion or orderly removal of excess water from the surface of land through natural channels or constructed ditches. With the application of surface drainage, water accumulation can be prevented and avoiding the issues such as mosquito breeding and soil erosion. At Myhomepalm, we carry a wide range of quality products & solutions for surface drainage systems, from residential areas, commercial areas, sports facilities, parks and gardens, up to industrial areas and airports, we have just the right channel system to tackle each of your requirement.

Through the technical expertise and knowledge garnered from partnering with Hauraton, which is a 60 years surface drainage specialist, our ability to help our clients in achieving the desired objectives has thus far been one of our core strengths.